Natural Coconut Wax Candles

Hand Poured in Manhattan Beach

Natural Coconut Wax

We craft our candles with the smoothest, clean-burning coconut wax. We love its creamy texture, slow burn, and exceptional scent throw in comparison to soy wax.

Skin-safe, phthalate and paraben free

Made from sustainably harvested coconuts

Amazing hot and cold scent throw

Skin Safe Fragrance

Our scents are rooted in memories of growing up in coastal California, evoking a playful creative spirit. Bring the positive energy of kinship into your home.

Infused with blends of essential and fragrance oils

Always skin-safe, phthalate and paraben free

Balanced aromas that are never too faint or overpowering

Cotton Wick

Our wicks are made with a cotton core and are completely free of zinc. When properly trimmed to 1/4” before each burn, KIN candles will burn for over 40 hours.

Smoke-free, clean burning cotton wicks

No zinc or metal core

40+ hour burn time


slow mornings over coffee

curling up with a good book

unwinding after a day well spent

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